Hand-carried Veterinary Diagnostic Ultrasound System

EMP V9 model has been widely recognized in large animal veterinary diagnosis and veterinary medical institutions around the world. Being one of the first of its kind product in animal medical field, it has endured many years of veterinary clinical experience accumulated by EMP specialists. It has efficient and accurate measurement package, clear and in-depth image experience, aimed to create a good veterinary helper suitable for farm use.


Professional Obstetrics Software Package for Veterinary Use

Professional veterinary obstetrics software package, according to different species, get more accurate expected date and physical condition of cubs.


It can support pseudo-color technology, which is convenient for doctors to choose and diagnose.

Large-capacity image storage, so users have no worries.

Special sunshade design, not afraid of direct sunlight, clear diagnosis and easy work.

Large-capacity lithium battery, all-weather long standby, ensuring continuous navigation capability anytime, anywhere.

Anti-collision aviation suitcase, go out for medical treatment anytime, anywhere.


The Classics

· 7-inch HD LCD Display

· Lightweight and portable, over-neck design meets diversified screening scenarios

· Waterproof operation interface, convenient and quick to clean

· The special multifunctional waterproof rectal probe can be used for in-vitro inspection of livestock.

· Probe Introducer


Rectal Linear Probe

Micro Convex Probe

Linear Probe

Convex Probe

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