Portable Veterinary Black & White

Ultrasound System

N2vet is a economical veterinary imaging diagnosis solution, with a compact size and excellent images, covering full veterinary applications. This popular digital ultrasound diagnosis model, derived from higher technology platform of EMP, is suitable for veterinary medical institutions with various types of needs, and provides accurate diagnostic tools for veterinarians to care for the lives of large animals and companion pets.


eSpeed One Key Optimization

Automatic acoustic adjustment for optimal image by multiple and retrospective channel smart data processing

eSCI Spatial Compound Imaging

A number of co-planar, tomographic ultrasound images of an object are obtained from different directions to form a single compounded image. Its result would show significantly reduction in the speckle, clutter, and other acoustic artifacts.

eFCI  Frequency Compound Imaging

Delivers imaging with high resolution at different depth through allowing simultaneous transmission of high & low echo frequencies

Animals Information Management Platform

A comprehensive animal information management platform that records the content of medical imaging cases and retrieves historical information at any time.

Animal Bodymarks and Special Clinical Notes

Diversified animal body marks make convenience for veterinarians to select, mark in a instance, and improve diagnosis efficiency.

Optional Accessory Cases

Optional large-capacity lithium battery to ensure continuous navigation capability anytime, anywhere

Optional trolley, can be equipped with printer, integrated operation, easy to move

Optional package for easy conversion to different work scenarios

Diversified probe combinations to meet different clinical needs


Micro Convex Probe

Rectal Linear Probe

Linear Probe

Convex Probe

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