Portable Color Doppler Diagnostic Ultrasound System

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G30 portable color doppler ultrasound is combined with our 24-year-clinical experience with all patented technologies. With new generation notebook-style design, it gives diagnostic support with professionalism anytime and anywhere.

Standard Features
15 Inch High Resolution Medical Grade LCD Display
Storage Capacity 1TB Hard Disk, DICOM 3.0
1 Probe Connector (3 Probes connector available though expands module)
USB Ports 3, Ethernet Port, Serial Port for Printer
Battery: High capacity (7000mAh) battery for longtime backup ≥ 6 hours of autonomy
Multi-Language: English, French, Spanish, German, Poland, Chinese

Operational Modes
B, M, B+M, 2B, 4B, CFM, PW, CW, B+CFM+PW / B+PDI+PW/ B+CFM+CW, Anatomical M 

General, Abdomen, Gyn. & Obs., Cardiology, Urology, MSK, Vascular, Small Parts, Vessel, Others 


eFCI  Frequency Compound Imaging

Delivers imaging with high resolution at different depth through allowing simultaneous transmission of high & low echo frequencies.

eSCI Spatial Compound Imaging

A number of co-planar, tomographic ultrasound images of an object are obtained from different directions to form a single compounded image. Its result would show significantly reduction in the speckle, clutter, and other acoustic artifacts.

eSpeed One Key Optimization

Automatic acoustic adjustment for optimal image by multiple and retrospective channel smart data processing

eView Panoramic Imaging

Panoramic imaging broadens the scope of view in diagnosis by sequentially aligning individual images in their anatomical context.

Needle Enhancement for Ultrasound-Guided Biopsy

It intensifies the visualization of needle from its surrounding environment, projects the route for biopsy needle intervention, and assists practitioner to perform operation with efficiency.

IMT Auto Intima Media Thickness Calculation

Auto IMT is a technology that automatically generates calculation of intima-media thickness in the Region of Interest.


Unbounded Clinic · Professional Diagnosis 

EMP G30 portable color doppler ultrasound, portable and smooth design appearance, backlit silicone keyboard, ergonomic design hand rest, G30 is a new generation of portable color Doppler ultrasound.

The advantages of ultrasound without radiation enable its use in a wider field of medicine. G30 has achieved to work with unbounded environments, not limited to ultrasound rooms, bedside, emergency centers, ambulances, out-of-hospital physical examinations, outdoor first aid. G30 is your best imaging diagnostic assistant.


New · Lightweight

G30 adopts 15" high-resolution medical display screen, high-speed CPU processor, stable and safe operating system, reliable lithium battery with long battery life, large-capacity image storage function.

Boundless Interaction · Ultimate Experience

G30, clinical measurement software package can perform well in various clinical fields, efficient parameter preset function, easy-to-operate user interface, DICOM3.0, multi-channel video image output options, and unimpeded communication between device & environments, Interaction is boundless.



Convex Probe

Linear Probe

Linear Probe

Micro Convex Probe

Phased Array Probe

Transverginal Probe

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