Portable Veterinary Color Doppler Ultrasound System

The G20vet portable veterinary color doppler diagnostic system, equipped with a high-performance veterinary technology platform, diversified probe options, clear images of subtle lesions, and clinically verified accurate measurement software package, is an excellent helper for basic diagnosis in veterinary medical facilities.


Three Simultaneous Real-time Dynamic Screening

Realize simultaneous dynamic screening under 3 different modes, B+CFM+PW.

ePure Speckle Reduction Technology

Speckle Reduction Technology is a technology that effectively reduces the noise created by echoes and self-adapt uniformity of different tissue layers to its premium image quality with clear edges.

eSpeed One Key Optimization

Automatic acoustic adjustment for optimal image by multiple and retrospective channel smart data processing.

IMT Auto Intima Media Thickness Calculation

Auto IMT is a technology that automatically generates calculation of intima-media thickness in the Region of Interest.

eTSI Tissue Specific Imaging

Tissue specific imaging is self-adaptive technology in different transition media for optimized image resolution.

Animals Information Management Platform

A comprehensive animal information management platform that records the content of medical imaging cases and retrieves historical information at any time.

Animal Bodymarks and Special Clinical Notes

Diversified animal body marks make convenience for veterinarians to select, mark in a instance, and improve diagnosis efficiency.

Professional Veterinary Software Package

From experiences of veterinary needs from all over the world, EMP developed professional veterinary department software package, focusing on the most widely used clinical needs of the abdomen and superficial areas, from parameter presets to measurement kits for different animal types, providing veterinarians with trusted diagnostic system.


Micro Convex Probe

Linear Probe

Convex Probe

Rectal Linear Probe

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