About Us

EMP adheres to the confidence in providing high-quality products and building a national brand of products "Made in China" in the global market. In 2001, EMP became the industry's first winner of "top ten quality assured brand approved by the national supervision and inspection authorities”; in 2003, the company passed the CE quality system certification and product certification, and passed the ISO 9001/13485 quality system certification of the German company TÜV Ps in 2004.

EMP in Shenzhen has a manufacturing base covering a total area of more than 8,000 square meters, equipped with advanced production and testing equipment, to meet the needs of global production. The company has established a quality control center, to ensure that each step of management can realize visualization and standardization through intelligent control. The overall processes of R & D, supply chain, manufacturing, sales, and customer service operate in accordance with the quality management system, so that every step of the process can have strict control standards and traceable management.